Oregon Caves National Monument is small in size, 480 acres, but rich in diversity. Above
ground, the monument encompasses a remnant old-growth coniferous forest. It harbors a fantastic array of plants, and a Douglas-fir tree with the widest known girth in Oregon. Three hiking trails access this forest. Below ground is an active marble cave created by natural forces over hundreds of thousands of years in one of the world's most diverse geologic realms. A concessioner provides CAVE TOURS for a fee.



Basic Information on Oregon Caves National Monument
Operating Hours, Seasons
The Monument is open all year for hiking, snow shoeing and other similar
outdoor activities. Access to the interior of Oregon Caves is only by guided tours.

How to Get to Oregon Caves National Monument

PLANE - Nearest airport is in Medford about 70 miles from the Monument


Weather & Climate
Rain in the spring and late fall. Snow during the winter months. Hot and humid during the summer.

Only the first room of the cave is accessible for wheelchairs. No canes allowed in the cave due to safety issues.

Camping at Oregon Caves National Monument
None Available within the Monument

Activities and More Information
Take a cave tour, they are available for a fee from the concessionaire.

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